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I consider myself to be a fairly organized person.  However, each August, three words basically obliterate all my obsessive-compulsive, organizational tendencies and completely destroy any resemblance of order in my house: BACK. TO. SCHOOL.

I don’t know what it is about back-to-school time that gets me feeling so unorganized and overwhelmed.  Wait.  I’m lying.  I definitely know what it is (or part of it anyway)…MORNINGS.  Almost everyone who knows me personally is well aware that I’m not exactly what one would call “functional” in the mornings.

Trying to get myself and a seven-year-old ready in the mornings can be a challenge.  Especially when choosing outfits.  If it were left up to me, I would dress her to the nines in cute dresses, leggings, bows, etc.  Her idea of “dressing up” consists of her favorite pair of jeans, cowboy boots or some semi-dirty tennis shoes…and maybe a cape.  Or a bathrobe (only on special occasions).  You think I’m joking?  Come to my house when it’s time to get ready in the mornings.  You’ll see.

Though I love that she possesses such a unique fashion sense, we don’t always see eye to eye in the mornings when it comes to getting dressed.  So this year, I decided I was going to do something about that.  I created these handy little closet dividers.  This way, we choose outfits for the entire week all at one time.

So, I figured I would share the love and explain our weekly routine when it comes to outfit planning.

closet dividers

The Process

Each Sunday evening…

  • Check the weather for the upcoming week and plan accordingly
  • Choose 5 outfits (one per day) based on weather conditions
  • Go over the outfit with your little one and make any necessary adjustments until an agreement has been reached.  Depending on how stubborn your mini-me, you might want to make them sign a contract at this point.  In blood.
Printable Daily Closet Dividers - Organize a week's worth of outfits with one printable.

Each weeknight…

  • Go over the next day’s outfit with your child simply to remind them of the outfit they chose.  This will make it less of a shock in the morning if they are, for example, in a non-polka dot mood.
Printable Daily Closet Dividers - Organize a week's worth of outfits with one printable.

The Advantages

  1. Saves time.  Clearly, this can be a huge time-saver, especially if your child is choosy when it comes to his or her daily style selection.
  2. Less fuss.  If you have never had an argument with your child over what to wear to school, you are in the gross minority here.  And please, let us in on your secret.  But we probably won’t believe you anyway. 🙂
  3. Promotes independence.  This process can help older children dress themselves.  My daughter is in the second grade and she knows to go into her closet each morning and find the outfit of the day.  Then, she dresses herself which makes her feel like such a big girl!
  4. Okay, I have a confession to make.  These printables are not just for kids.  While I was working full-time outside of the house, I used daily closet dividers myself.  Don’t worry, I made them sophisticated and put my monogram on them (I mean I’m not a complete oversized toddler…all the time).  It helped me to organize my week and gave me ten more minutes in the morning to drink all the coffee I could squeeze into my system.

So, that is basically our weekly outfit planning routine in a nutshell.  This one small set of printables has helped TREMENDOUSLY in our household.  Hopefully, they will do the same for yours!

closet dividers

To Use

  • Just print the dividers on cardstock and cut them out.  (I use this paper made by Epson.)
  • When cutting the circle in the middle, I find that it is easiest to cut to the center of the circle first.  Then continue cutting out the remainder of the circle.
  • The dividers will hold up best if you laminate them.  (Amazon has reasonably priced laminators and laminating pouches.)
  • Then, just slip them on the rod and start organizing!

Claim Your Printables!

Printable Daily Closet Dividers - Organize a week's worth of outfits with one printable.

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Printable Daily Closet Dividers - Organize a week's worth of outfits with one printable.


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