I cannot believe it is already back-to-school time!  Seriously..where did the summer go?  And seriously…why do I find myself asking myself this same question every August?  Like I’m actually surprised that the summer flew by?  Nope. Happens every year.

Anyway, enough about the death of lazy poolside days and lounging in your pj’s till noon (seriously…I want summer back).  Instead, let’s talk about getting your little one ready to go back in style!  For once, I’m actually not talking about clothes.  I am, however, talking about these cute printable photo props for you to use on their first day back to school.

I usually design my daughter a personalized back-to-school sign each year, but for those who don’t have a design program, the time, or the general interest to do something like that…these are perfect for you!  Take my friend, Hunter, for example.  She has three kids and a full-time job.  No way she’s printing out personalized back-to-school signs.  I gotcha, girl.  All you have to do is click and print!  (Actually, Hunter will make me print them for her. 🙂  But for everyone else with basic computer knowledge and a printer, this will be super easy.)

Most importantly, I would LOVE to see if you have used these signs with your kiddos.  Please feel free to tag me on Facebook or Instagram and I would be happy to feature your child on my social media accounts or in an upcoming email!  (Because lil’ Mama…we know you’re going to be taking about 100 photos of that baby on their first day of school.  May as well send one my way and share that adorable face with my followers!)

All you have to do is find the appropriate grade and click on it.  You will then be directed to a page where the image will download.  Each image is 8×10 in size.  It can be printed on regular 8.5×11 paper and trimmed.  Then, just pop it in a frame and start snapping those pics!




1st Grade.jpg2nd Grade.jpg

3rd Grade.jpg4th Grade.jpg

5th Grade.jpg6th Grade.jpg

7th Grade.jpg8th Grade.jpg

9th Grade.jpg10th Grade.jpg

11th Grade.jpg12th Grade.jpg

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