Let me ask you a question.  How many times have you looked inside your closet and thought, “I have NOTHING to wear!”  This has probably already happened to you today.   (Don’t lie…I know you.)

Now, let me ask you another.  Do you own a black tee shirt?  I am guessing the answer to that question is “yes.” However, if you do not own a black shirt, this tells me two things: 1. You might not have been lying when you said that you have nothing to wear, and 2. It is time to make an investment.  You can go to this place I know called AnyStoreInAmerica and get one.  And I’m pretty sure there’s one in your town.  So get in the car, drive there now, get your black tee, and then come back to me. Actually, on second thought, get three: one short-sleeved, one long-sleeved, and one sleeveless.  Let’s just cover all the seasons while we’re at it.  No worries…I’ll wait.


Okay, so now that we are all up to speed, I need to tell you that you just bought one of (or three of) the most important pieces in your entire wardrobe.  Am I being dramatic?  Well, usually…but not about this. It is so important to have those “cornerstone” pieces that you can build from in your wardrobe, jewelry, shoes, home décor…basically any “collection” of anything that you own.  And yes, that ten dollar black tee shirt is most definitely crucial to your wardrobe collection.  You can style this one shirt over and over again, and your outfit never looks the same!   

Here are some perfect examples of our coveted black tee shirt…



I really like black. 🙂  Grab a pair of black skinny jeans or leggings and top the outfit off with some gold accents.  SO CHIC.



Full day of running errands?  You may as well look good doing it!  Pull out your favorite jeans and sneakers, add blush accents, and get moving!



Is there really anything classier than pearls on black?  I think NOT!  There is something about a strand of pearls that instantly transforms an outfit and brings out your inner Audrey Hepburn. Picture yourself with a candy cigarette at the end of one of those long stick things.  Now that’s “class.” 🙂



Black probably isn’t the first color that comes to mind when you think of summer, but it could be!  Style the tee with some light colored shorts or capris pants and a pair of wedges for a cool, polished look.



Black looks AMAZING with kelly green!  We recommend that you have at least one item in this color whether it be pants, a skirt, or shorts.  This shade also looks great with black and white stripes!



While there are a variety of colors that look great with black, sometimes a lack of color might be the way to go.  Creams and beiges pair with black extremely well.  Wear a long sleeved black tee with a pair of black leggings (which you should also stockpile because they go with EVERYTHING), and wrap up in a cozy chunky sweater.  It makes me want hot chocolate just thinking about it…



We are redefining “Casual Friday!”  Pull out a nice pair of jeans and style them with your black tee.  Accent the outfit with a patterned blazer, classy heels, and a cute handbag.  Top it off with some jewelry by adding a statement necklace and some studs or pearls, and this sophisticated look will be complete!



Here are two words you don’t hear very often in the same sentence: “glam” and “tee shirt.”  However, these two can coexist beautifully if styled correctly.  Pair a tight-fitted black tee with a mid to high-waisted elegant skirt.  Add sleek heels, monochrome jewelry, and an elegant clutch. You’ll feel confident and beautiful at your next event in your “plain black tee.”


Once again, we see that a plain black tee shirt and a pair of jeans are the foundation of a fabulous outfit!  All you need here is a fun set of animal print heels (or you could use colored heels) and a skinny belt.  Add some gold accessories and small splashes of color like red lipstick or nail polish, and you’ve got a look that is refined and very classic!



Besides its versatility, I think the aspect I love most about a plain black tee is its chicness. (Is that a word?  It is now.)  Combine the tee with dress pants and add a few pieces of jewelry like pearls, diamonds (or cubic zirconias), gold hoops, or rose gold accessories.  Throw on a blazer before your meeting and you will be the belle of the office suite!


A plain black tee is one of the few items on earth that you can pair with everything from pajama pants to black tie attire.  This tee shirt is limitless in its potential and a MUST HAVE piece of your wardrobe.

Tell me how you style YOUR favorite black tee in the comments, or post a photo on Instagram and tag me @agirlofmanywords and you could be featured on my Insta feed!








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