You open your mailbox and see it.  That bright, shiny, pink metallic envelope.  You know what’s inside…your monthly Ipsy Glam Bag.  You bring it in, rip it open, and tear through its contents like it’s Christmas morning.  Next month…repeat.  And again, and again…and again.  You get the point.  After a few months, you have a collection of empty Glam Bags that have become about as useful as wrapping paper.  What do you do with them?  You can’t throw them away…they are WAY too cute for that.  So recycle them!  Today, I’ll show you ten ways you can do just that.

Pencil Bag

Toss your pens or pencils into the bag to keep inside your desk instead of rolling around loose in that drawer.  (You know which drawer I’m talking about.)



Nail Kit

These bags are the perfect size to house all of your nail essentials.  Toss the kit in your purse or keep it at work and give yourself and mani during your lunch break.  Just a word of caution…people around you CAN smell nail polish.  Not that I’ve ever done my nails while at work…I just heard it.  Somewhere.  Moving on…



Crafting Tools

I don’t know about you, but there are certain things that I can NEVER find when I need them.  Okay, there are A LOT of things I can never find, but they probably won’t all fit inside the Ipsy bag.  So let’s just talk about crafting tools.  Objects like wire, washi tape, and glue sticks are the perfect size to go inside the bag.  Now, if we can just remember where we put the bag…?



Toiletries Travel Bag

I hate traveling with full-size bottles of shampoo and conditioner.  They just take up space that I could be using for more important things.  So I pour the products into these handy little bottles, throw them in an Ipsy bag, and head back to my closet for that seventh pair of shoes that I so desperately need to take with me.


Jewelry Bag

While we’re packing, let’s grab another Ipsy bag (because you know you have another one) to hold our jewelry.  Especially rings, bracelets, and earrings.  A perfect fit.



Protect Those Sunnies

Protection from the sun(glass scratches) is so important.  Even if it’s just a $10 pair from Target, you don’t want them to just float around in your bag.  Bagging your sunnies will keep you from finding those annoying new scratches every other day.



Tech Toss

Here is something else that I find difficult to locate in a pinch…tech accessories.  Toss all of your technology accessories into an Ipsy bag and you won’t ever have to ask random people for a phone charger again.



Gift Bags

Ipsy bags are the perfect size for small gift sets and/or gift cards.  You could make a little spa set, a manicure bag, candy gifts….(okay, I see an entirely different blog post coming on here, so I’ll stop before I go off on a tangent).



SEW Chic

I am no seamstress.  In fact, I can barely sew on a button.  However, there are certain sewing items we all need to have around….you know, so we can provide our mom with the correct supplies. 🙂  Throw in a case of needles, some thread, pins, and measuring ribbon, and you will be all set!



Organize That Purse!

Most bags don’t come with all the compartments we need to organize everything that needs to fit into them.  This is where your Ipsy bags can really come in handy.  I have at least four or five smaller bags that live inside my purse.  I separate them into categories like makeup, tech accessories, some odds and ends, and lipstick (yes I know it’s makeup, which I’ve already mentioned and yes, it has it’s own bag…don’t judge me).


These are just a few of many ideas for you to recycle your Ipsy Glam Bags.  Tell me how you reuse your Ipsy bags!  Leave a comment below or email me at and you could be featured in a follow-up blog post.  Have a great week my friends, and don’t forget to follow me on social media for more ideas and tips!



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