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Take it from me.  There is nothing IN THIS WORLD that a teacher would appreciate more than a little relaxation.  Which is why there is no gift more perfect than bath bombs…and they are so easy to make!  There is no reason for you to purchase bath bombs at a boutique for $8-10 each.  You can make about ten for the price of one…and you just need a few ingredients.

You will need:


Step 1: Mix dry ingredients.

Put all your dry ingredients (baking soda, Epsom salt, and citric acid) in a bowl and whisk them together.


Step 2: Mix liquid ingredients.

In a different jar or bowl, mix all your liquid ingredients (essential oil, coconut oil, and food coloring) together.


Step 3:  Mix all ingredients together slowly.

Put a small amount of liquid mixture into your dry ingredients and mix together.


Mix until the liquid has been absorbed by the dry ingredients.  Then add more liquid and repeat the process.


Continue adding small amounts of liquid until you have used it all and it has been completely absorbed by the dry ingredients.


Step 4: Spray mixture with water.

Spray the mixture with one or two squirts of water.  Then, whisk the ingredients together.  Spray one or two more times and whisk again.


Grab a clump of the mixture in your hand.  It should stick together when held.


Step 5: Fill the mold.

Regardless of whether you are using a heart-shaped or traditional mold, sprinkle the mixture until it over-fills the mold.



Step 6: Form the mold.

If you are using a traditional bath bomb mold, press the two sides together carefully until they snap closed.  If you are using the heart-shaped mold, press the mixture down into the hole until a clear shape is defined.


Step 7: Dry them out.

Leave your bath bombs in the molds for at least 24 hours.  Then, gently pop them out and admire your beautiful creations!


Step 8:  Dress them up.

If you are keeping them for yourself, put your bath bombs in a decorative bowl by your tub.  The entire bathroom will smell wonderful!  If you are giving your bath bombs as a gift, put them in a jar or cellophane bag and download our printable gift tags!  There are four different tags to choose from!  One of my favorites is the teacher tag…


Grab your printables here!

Bath Bomb Printables.jpg

I hope you have enjoyed this fun and easy bath bomb tutorial.  My six-year-old daughter and I made these together, so they are definitely kid-friendly!  They also make bath time fun for her (because she LOVES to watch the bath bombs “fizz” in the water).

As I mentioned before, you can create at least ten bath bombs for the price of one in a boutique.  I purchased the ingredients on Amazon and I keep them stored in the box they came in.  That way, if I need a last-minute gift (for any occasion), I can just pull out my handy little box and get to work!

I would love to see your bath bomb creations!  After using our tutorial, post a photo on Instagram and tag me @agirlofmanywords, or you can e-mail me your pic at and I would love to share it with our followers!

Have a fabulous weekend.  ♥







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