What kind of wreath do you put on your door during the month of March?  Do you just put out a pretty spring wreath for March through May to cover all the holidays in between, or do you get more specific?  I have done it both ways, but I have to say…there is something about a holiday-specific wreath that first, makes it seem like you put a lot of effort into changing up your home decor (when really it is just one item) and second, provides an essence of variety to the overall look of your front porch.

Much like Valentine’s Day Decor, I believe that St. Patrick’s Day can be overdone.  So I am challenging you to just put out one simple piece this March…a St. Patrick’s Day front door wreath.   In an effort to help you with this, we have rounded up what we believe are the top ten St. Patrick’s Day wreaths on Etsy (because let’s face it….Etsy is THE place to get holiday-specific wreaths).

Sage Green Scented Berry Wreath

This Scented Berry Wreath will welcome everyone to your front door, but looks great in an entryway, family room, bathroom, bedroom or porch. The best part?  You get to CHOOSE your scent and ribbon color.  Source: Wild Ridge Design


Deco Mesh and Ribbon Wreath

This beautiful handmade door wreath is made with high-quality deco mesh, embellishments, and wired ribbon.  It is approximately 23 inches.  Source: Timmy’s Boutique Shop


Green Felt Rosette Wreath

This wreath is overflowing with hundreds of green felt circles that are hand-pinned to a styrofoam wreath form to look like individual velvet roses.  A lot of time and effort is put into this wreath, and it certainly shows!  Source: Fairy Mojo


Moss Shamrock Wreath

The shamrock on this design is custom designed.  The front and sides of the four leaf clover are covered in preserved moss for a very rustic, woodland celebration of the holiday. The back is not covered and is left natural wood.  Source: Privileged Door


Moss Letter Monogram Wreath

You guys know how I feel about monograms!  This is one piece of custom cut wood covered on the front and sides in preserved moss and accented with your color choice of ribbon.  Source: Privileged Door


Green and Cream Hydrangea Wreath

This is a gorgeous natural grapevine wreath with a mix of hydrangeas colors with a personalized monogram letter and a fine burlap bow.  It is the perfect mixture of rustic and elegant.  Source: Home Hearth Garden


Faux Tulip Basket Wreath

This arrangement is made with faux tulips, faux bell flowers, and hanging birch bark basket.  It is finished with a bow and ribbon for a perfect touch.  Source: Aniamelisa


Green and Cream Berry Wreath

This artificial berry wreath comes with options of bows and/or a painted monogram.  You can remove the shamrock and leave the wreath on your door for the remainder of spring!  Source: Elegant Wreath


Burlap Chevron Wreath

This wreath is accented with three gorgeous handcrafted jute flowers and a beautiful burlap bow. Each jute flower is accented with a felt shamrock. Each shamrock is embellished with a single iridescent gemstone. So festive!  Source: Weddings and Wreaths


St. Patrick’s Day Door Hanger

This front door embellishment is a little different than the traditional wreath.  It is made from 1/2 inch plywood and sealed for protection.  These door hangers are special because you can choose any colors, initial, wording, etc.  They are completely customizable!  Source: Furniture Flip Alabama













Hopefully, you have come away with an idea or two for embellishing your front door during the month of March!  I am interested to know if you typically go further in decorating for St. Patrick’s Day?  If so, what kind of decor to you display and where?  Just comment below or send an e-mail to lyndsi@agirlofmanywords.com.  Also, feel free to upload photos of your St. Patrick’s Day wreath to Instagram and tag me @agirlofmanywords.

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